Sansui SR-222 - вертушка в рояльном лаке

Sansui SR-222 MK II

Респектабельный, пассиковый проигрыватель виниловых пластинок
в черном рояльном лаке конца 70-х годов из Японии.

Цена: 400(Продано)

 This fantastic turntable includes the following:

- One-touch power/speed lever mechanism
- Tripod motor suspension system
- Sensitive S-shaped tonearm with acoustic absorbent damping
- Anti-skating control for record tracking to be adjusted to 1.5 grams.

It is a quality separate made in Japan from the glory days of Hi-fi (1974-1980) when Hi-Fi separates where made and built to last.  The only weakness is in the small plastic arm retention clip which often breaks on these turntables.  That is the case with this example, the small piece that has broken will be supplied should you wish to attempt a repair.  During normal use the arm is perfectly stable at rest without it.   

The S shaped tone arm includes a detachable head shell so that if desired it can be easily changed so that other cartridge makes and types can if desired be tried.

The SR-222MK2 motor drives the platter using belt transmission, shutting out motor vibrations and rumble while improving the overall signal to noise ratio.

The 4-pole synchronous motor features highly accurate and stable speed and revolves with practically no vibrations.

Stability is further improved by the fine machining of the zinc-alloy platter.

The lightweight and light tracking tonearm is shaped for almost perfect geometry and minimum tracking error.

With it's shiny black piano finished base and balanced-silver colours, the SR-222MK2 looks like the precision instrument it is.


Type: two-speed, belt-driven
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Platter: 300mm (mkI,II), aluminium alloy die-cast
Motor: 4-pole synchronous
Wow and flutter: less than 0.07%
Rumble: 60dB
Tonearm: statically balanced, s-shaped arm
Effective length: 220mm
Overhang: 17.5mm 
Cartridge weight: 4 to 10g
Dimensions: 452 x 139 x 370mm
Weight: 6.0kg