Elac Miracord 770H - роликовая виниловая вертушка

Elac Miracord 770H

"The top device for professionals and discriminating music lover"

Цена: 320 (Продано)

- Manual and automatic hi-fi record player and long-time players
- Disk changer with repeater device (automatic change)
- 3touriges Hi-Fi stereo drive, friction drive 33 / 45 / 78 rpm
- Hysteresis synchronous motor (the famous POPE external rotor), ie No deviation from the nominal speed
- Continuous fine adjustment of the rotational speed of + / - 3%
- Control of fine control over the strobe-lit wreath-digits on the edge of the platter
- Dynamically balanced cast platter with 30 cm diameter and weight about 2.3 kg, so very high synchronization of Konstanz
- Shortening the platter outlet (due to the large inertia) by acting brake selbstatig
- Precision-balanced tone arm on all sides
- Infinitely adjustable tracking force (0 .... 6 p)
- Correctable vertical tracking angle of a lever on Tonkopfschlitten
- Anti-Skating
- Tracking control, controlled by a marking tip
- Braked arm lift
- Push-button control (push button for starting your own plate diameter 17, 25, 30 cm and stop button)
- Automatic shutdown
- Freewheel axis
- Сhassis Dimensions 36.8 x 31.7 cm - chassis plate made of heavy steel plate, protected against external vibration by elastic storage
- Weight approx 6.7 kg
- Purchase price as per list dated 01.02. 1973: DM 620.00

Отличное техническое и косметическое состояние.