Wharfedale Dovedale 3 - раритетные АС, Англия

Wharfedale Dovedale 3

Культовые винтажные английские колонки
начала 1970-х в идеальном (Like New) состоянии.

Настоящий раритет! Жемчужина коллекции!

Цена: 570 (продано)

Акустика (акустические системы) Wharfedale Dovedale 3 в особенных комментариях не нуждаются, т.к. качество исполнения и примененная комплектация, брэнд и отменное звучание говорят сами за себя.
Bigger shelf kind of bookshelf loudspeakers (where "shelf" really means the floor), and third version of the original and beautiful and beautifully named Dovedale.
Bass : 135,000Mx magnet powering a 30cm rigid paper cone with rubber surround.
Mids : acoustically sealed 48,000Mx magnet powering a 13cm rigid paper cone with rubber surround.
High : 2,5cm driver with wide dispersion lightweight CAB cone (cellulosic Butyrate Acetate) and an added phase plug.
The enclosure sports a solid wood front and quality teak or walnut veneers for the sides and top.
Around the Dovedale 3 were the roundy Melton 2 and the tall Triton 3. Also the Denton 3.
So many "tons" and "dales", these are a bit like the ALTEC model names : the first three you remember distinclty, the next ones blur a little.
Dovedale, however, everybody remembers.
Type: Acoustic suspension
Volume: 45L
Drivers: 1x30cm bass, 1x13cm mid, 1x2,5cm high
Nominal impedance: 6 Ohm
Power handling: 50W (DIN)
Frequency response: 45Hz...20Khz (± 3dB)
Crossover: 600Hz, 5Khz
Dimensions: 61x36x30cm
Weight: 19,5 kg. (каждая)
Finishes: teak with black or brown grille cloth, walnut with brown or oat grille cloth
Идеальное техническое состояние, Like New, подвес НЧ в "родном" тальке. Косметически на 9 из 10 (незначительные царапины и подмят задний верхний уголок).

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